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Ayers Naturals creates plant-based medicines that gives your body the nutrition it needs to heal itself.  Your body is pre-designed to absorb the nutrients from the plants that we select for our formulas.

These formulas are gentle enough to be used daily and effective enough to heal you so you do not have to take them for the rest of your life.

All of our formulas come with coaching videos and easy to understand guides to help you make the life style changes that will help you heal faster naturally.

We believe in the power of your body to heal naturally.  Sometimes it just needs the right boost from the nutrients in plants.  By using the ancient art of crafting tinctures, which are like liquid tea concentrates, we are able to help your body create the right chemicals with the right target every time.

Energy Pack

FOR A Natural energy boost

EXTRA 20% off


If you loves sports and the outdoors, then you need the energy to go with it.  These herbs put you in the energy drivers seat to make your workouts easier.


$320.00  $160.00

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Sleep Pack

Power Up Your Sleep  

EXTRA 20% off

FOR business DADS

The must-have collection for the mid-night tosser and turner. This combination of stress reducing herbs, and sleep aids will give you the sleep you have been dreaming about.


$280.00  $140.00

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“A supplement is meant to supplement the other things you are doing..”

Give your body the gift of energy

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will delivery take?

All orders are shipped via standard shipping service. Usually, the preparation and shipping of your order take 1 to 2 working days, while delivery timing by the courier may change depending on the destination.

What are the shipping options?

When you make a purchase, you can choose regular shipping or premium shipping during checkout.

You can review the cost in the order summary. Depending your the total size and weight of the order, the fee usually ranges from around $10 to $70.

How can I cancel my order?

The cancellation button is available in the order on your My Account Page. You have the option to cancel the entire invoice, or you can cancel select items.

Can I make a return?

Yes, we have a money back guarantee for all of our products. Simply print out a shipping label. Then drop off your package at the nearest UPS location.

Can I track my online order?

A shipping notification with tracking details will be sent via email after your order has shipped. You will receive multiple email acknowledgements if your order results in more than one shipment.

power up your energy & sleep

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